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CALL US: 9417 1505

Music Consultants - Belinda Yates & Associates

Music makes a world of difference to your production but finding the right track and securing clearances can be confusing and time consuming. That's where a music consultant can help.

As professional music consultants we work with advertising agencies, film producers, production companies, record labels, publishers, artists, managers and lawyers to source music, identify copyright and licensing issues and negotiate the rights to use the right music for your project.

Belinda Yates & Associates is a boutique Sydney based music consultancy providing music clearances and music supervision services across all media. We're experts at navigating the licensing minefield. With over 30 years experience in sourcing, negotiating and licensing music, our clients rely on our ability to make their ideal soundtrack a reality.

Whether it's research, clearance or simply advice, contact Belinda to discuss how we can help or see our music licensing page for more information on licensing and read more about our music supervision experience and the clients we work with.


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