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CALL US: 9417 1505

Music Licensing and Clearance

Belinda Yates & Associates offer solutions tailored to all your music licensing needs.

Based on your brief, we source and arrange licensing on songs to fit both your creative and budget to help you achieve the perfect result, whether you need one track for an ad or several for a television series or film soundtrack.

Having a consultant take care of music clearance issues removes the headache of individually licensing songs from labels, artists, and publishers directly, a process that can some times take weeks. As music licensing consultants we can use our contacts and experience to help a production finish on time and within budget.

If you've already chosen the song we'll research and identify the copyright owners, ascertain what rights you need, obtain quotes and handle all the negotiations and music clearances on your behalf.

Not sure if you need a Music Licence or Copyright Advice?

We're happy to discuss your project and offer guidance on what clearances you need. Our many years specialising in music licensing means we have long standing relationships and direct access to key personnel. This allows us to provide you with fast estimates and to negotiate music clearances and competitive fees on your behalf.

As Music Licensing Consultants we work with:

  • Corporations and Charitable Organisations
  • Major and Independent Record Labels and Publishing Companies
  • Artists and Managers
  • Intellectual Property Lawyers
  • Production Companies

We understand that not every project fits neatly into a box. We're happy to discuss your production to clarify what rights you'll need, the type of music you want, what fees you can expect to pay, the turnaround time for clearances and whether your plans are realistic, based on your requirements.

We don't charge for consultations, only completed projects.

To discuss how we can help you, please contact Belinda to discuss how we can help or see our music supervision experience for more about us.